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My Revolutionary War Ancestors

As I  worked on my genealogy research over the years I  always noted in my files if an ancestor served in the Revolutionary War.   Recently I discovered that the DAR has made their Index available online which has made it possible for me to search for the record of service for each ancestor.  The Pennsylvania Archives has been an invaluable resource too.  Heritage Quest also provides Revolutionary War Records. 

So far I have found 93 ancestors... Yep, that's right, 93 men  who offered their service to the War of Independence so that this nation would be a free country.  God Bless Them!  These men represent both the Hughes and the Smith sides of my family tree. They may not have all been men who went off to battle, but they were all people who supported the effort to gain independence by pledging their allegiance and preparing themselves to answer the call to arms if and when it arose. 

My goal is to write a tribute for each of these American heroes, their families and their wives.  After all this blog is about our Grammies!

I am not sure what order I will follow,  but here is the list I will be working with in alphabetical order.

Christian Billheimer (1742 - 1826)
Bernard Bowman  (1749 - 1821)
Nathaniel Brittian (1744 - 1817)

Phillip Buchecker (1735 - 1792)
Philip Jacob Cope (1740 - 1813)
Jost (Joseph) Cope (1700 - 1784)
Eleazer Davis (ca 1735 - ca 1820)

Simon Jacob Diehl  (1738 - 1819)
Christian Eilenberger  (1731 - 1804)
Jacob Emrich (1728 - 1797)
Lamrock Flower  (1719 - 1815)
AdamHamscher  (1736 - 1809)
Peter Hartman  (1740 - 1810)
Peter Hilliard  (1754 - 1834)
Henry Hoover 
Wendel Hower  (1720 - after 1790)

Andreas Hower  (1749 - before 1798)

Jacob Hubler  (1711 – 1789)
Peter Kocher   (1740 - 1803)

George Lantz  (1757 - 1840)
Ludwick Lang  (1738 - 1795)
John George Laubach  (1726 - 1802)
Lawrence Lommason (1747 - 1810)
David Marsh  (1730 - 1798)
James Merritt (1734 - 1813)

Thomas Merritt  (1758 - 1834)
Elias Middaugh  (1756- 1819)
George Jacob Miller (1739 - 1805)
Valentine Miller   (1754 - 1834)
George Michael Mumper  (1723 - 1807)

Michael Musselman (1758 - 1827)
Joseph Norris  (1729 - 1813)
John Philip Odenwalder  (1721 - 1795)
Michael Raub (1733 - 1816)
John Reiswig (1745 - 1810)
Michael Schmell (1730 - 1838)

John Christian Schmidt  (1739 - 1806)
Johann Heinrich Seidel  (1732 - 1801)
Abraham Sewitz  (1750 - 1817)
Robert Simonton  (1717 - 1782)
Jacob Sumstine (1755 - 1812)

Abraham Van Aken   (1720 - unknown)
Frederick Vogel  (    - 1812)
John Vogel  (???? - ????)
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  1. I am a descendant of George Michael Mumpers. I may have more info on him if you'd like it. ;)

  2. I am a descendant of George Michael Mumpers. I may have more info on him if you'd like it. ;)

  3. Thank you. I am working on a short story about him, but need some more data regarding his service in the war. I would love to share what I have about George Michael Mumper (1723 - 1807). Please email me at

  4. I see I am really late to this party - my 7 times great-grandfater was Jacob Hubler (1711-1789) Would love to learn about any info you may have.

  5. Anything on Christian Billheimer?

    1. "The Billheimers of this country are no doubt all descended from two brothers, named Christian and Jacob Billheimer, who were born near Pfloheim, Baden, near Wurtemburg, Germany; Christian born about 1742 and Jacob born about 1740. The family belonged to the Byron class, being the progressive element of Germany at that time. Some of the descendants of and claim to be the only survivors of this old family. These two brothers, Christian and Jacob, with a sister (whose name is thought to have been Mary) emigrated to this country in 1763, settling in upper Nazareth township, Northhampton county, Pennsylvania, near Bath, Freemansburg or Bethlehem. Many of the descendants of Christian still live there. These spell their names "Billheimer". At the Salem Church the name appears on its records, and in the burying gound the bodies of many are buried and marked by marble slabs. Near Bath may be found an old stone house, built by Christian Billheimer, the gable of which is plastered some marks that some persons claimed to be a coat-of-arms.... The descendants are found in eastern Pennsylvania, also in many other states, among whom have been many representative men: ministers, doctors, professors, and business men.

      This quotation is taken from the booklet, (The Billheimer Families by Cyrus F Bilhimer published in June, 1907 in Irwin, Pa.)