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R is for Rachel Enyeart

Rachel Enyeart Heffner  is one sweet grammie!   I love this picture of her  that I found in the 1924 reunion booklet of the Heffner family. I wish I knew where to find the orginal pictures.   I am sure that Rachel and John were beloved  parents.  Rachel was twenty years old when she  married John Heffner on December 30, 1819.   The Heffner brothers were sweet on the Enyeart sisters;  three of them married Enyeart  girls.  

This page, highlighting the history of the Heffner family  was also taken from the 1924 reunion booklet.  The names of  the 13 children of John and Rachel who lived to maturity  are given.  Two of Rachel's children, Nina Elizabeth and William, died in infancy.  Their son, Benjamin  Heffner,  was the grandfather of my grandmother Eliza Long McEwen.

Rachel Enyeart was the daughter of William Enyeart and his wife Jane Norris.  The Enyeart's were a huge family in   Marklesburg, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.  William  had married twice and  was the father of 21 children.  Rachel, born July 20, 1800  was one of 16 children of the second marriage.  So Rachel was  accustomed to large families!   She gave birth to 14 children over the course of 23 years, being 43 years old when her last child was born.  She lived to be 71 years old.

Rachel Enyeart Heffner  and John are buried in the McConnelltown Cemetery  in  McConnelltown, Pennsylvania.  The cemetery is next to the old German Reformed church they attended.   The inscription says,  "Rachel wife of John Heffner  died  Oct. 7, 1871  71yrs. 3mo.  20 days." 
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