Friday, September 14, 2012

L is for Lois

My mother, Lois, turned 90 in March.  We celebrated her day with family and friends bringing her their love and kisses and many good wishes.   Isn't she a cutie?

Lois Marie McEwen  is the daughter of Homer McEwen and Eliza Long.  (You read about Eliza earlier.)  Lois  grew up on a farm outside of Richmond, Pennsylvania where she was born.   She attended a one room schoolhouse until the 8th grade, than graduated high school at Bangor, Pennsylvania.  She attended  college at Asbury College in Wilmore,  Kentucky  for two years where she met my dad, Richard Hughes who was studying for the ministry.

She  always took great pride in being a minister's wife.    I have always felt that the people of the churches where my dad was the pastor truly loved Mother.   She was always serving as Sunday school teacher, women's leader and youth leader.   She has held many leadership roles in the Methodist Church Women's Organizations.  She has a very lovely  voice and often led or sang in the various choirs at the different churches.

You can visit  my web page,  See How They Grew for the story of all the places we lived  and  some pictures of  Lois and her family.

Here  she  is with her great granddaughter Madeline,  her granddaughter Sarah and her daughter.... yes that is me, Cindy. This picture shows Madeline's Maternal Family.  Now that is an interesting concept.  What do we know about our maternal forebears?  It is unique in that  it only climbs the female branch of your family tree on your mother's side.

As a tribute to my mom I am going to show our maternal family  tree.  We share this tree with just a few  select people:  my sister Sharon, my sister Deb and her daughter, Laura.

Our Maternal Family Tree.

Madeline Elizabeth Hammond,  who is the daughter  of

Sarah Elizabeth Smith, who is the daughter of 

Cynthia Marie Hughes, who is the daughter of  

Lois Marie McEwen,  who is the daughter of

Sarah Eliza Long, 1899 - 1987,  who was the daughter of  

Ella Mae Heffner, 1871 - 1945, who was the daughter of 

Ann Eliza States, 1832 - 1896, who was the daughter of 

Catherine Mumper,  1808 - 1888, who was the daughter of 

Elizabeth Jane Kiner,  1791 - 1875,  who was the daughter of 

Anna Maria Hartman 1757 - 1848,  whose mother's name is unknown to me at this time.   More research for me to do.

Lois is the mother of  five children, Steve, Sharon, Cynthia, Deborah and Richard.  They have made her the grandmother of  nine, Kara, Aaron, Tim, Mark, Richard, Sarah, Laura, Jacob, and Mark.  And now she is the beloved great grandmother of seven little ones, Abby, Madeline, Owen, Henry, Luke, Matthew and Benjamin.  We all love you Mom!

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  1. A wonderful post about your mother. 4 generation photos are always special. My family has a few of them. And I do love the fact that you included the maternal tree in your post. Very useful for family members so see where they fit in.

  2. And now on this Mother's Day 2015, Lois is the proud great grandmother of three more little darlings, Henry, Benjamin and Luke. You are truly blessed Mom and a Blessing to us all!