Saturday, August 4, 2012

In the Beginning

I am calling this Blog "Who's Your Grammie". Please see this Dedication to all my works. Each entry will introduce you to a grandmother from our family tree.   The stories of our grandmothers are fascinating!  Without our grandmothers none of us would be here.  They all lived incredible  lives and it is my hope that by telling their stories here you  will  learn a little about them too.

I found  the  Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge  and thought it would be a fun way to share some of my  family history research with others.  So, the idea is that I will post  a genealogy story for each letter of the alphabet.  I began with A is for ANNA,   B is for Beatrice,    C is for Clara,    D is for Dot,    E is for Eliza,    F is for Fannie,    G is for Gram Good,    H is for HELEN.

Writing stories about my  Grandmother's lives had me hooked, so I continued with      V is for Harriet C. Van  Wey,   W is for Wilma Jane,   X is for XXI - 21 children of Sar... ,      Y is for Camelia Engler ... WHY?   and   Z is for Zilpha Estep. 

WOW.  That was fun and a great way to share so much family history research with family.

                                           My Revolutionary War Ancestors

I wanted to continue the Blog and decided a good way to tell personal stories would be to write about the lives of our ancestors who had given service in the War for Independence.  

Thus began my personal challenge to research and write about each of the men I had so far identified as having taken some part  in the Revolutionary War.  Their stories begin on My Revolutionary War Ancestors
  where you will find  links to each of these men.

Here is a little something about me and my interests in family history research.

                                    Cynthia's Family Lines

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