Monday, August 6, 2012

A is for ANNA

       Today I will introduce you to ANNA HOUCK McEWEN my Great, Great, Great Grandmother. 
  Anna McEwen  wife of John McEwen       

All that is left of her on this Earth of ours is the remnants of her gravestone where she  is buried in  the Reformed Cemetery at Stone Church in Upper Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania.  But she left a much  larger footprint of her life here.   Born on January 12, 1807 and baptized on   Febuary 10, 1807, Anna was the daughter of John Houck and  his wife Elizabeth Mullar (Miller) of Lower Mount Bethel Pennsylvania.   At the age of 21,  on November 6, 1828,  she was married to John McEwen, a pioneering young man whose family had left  the Mount Bethel area in 1823 to  live in the newly open territory of Seneca County, Ohio.  

Anna and John  soon began their family with the birth of daughter Sally Ann.  And then a son John came along.  But before the birth of their third child William,  John McEwen  died on  April 23, 1832 leaving Anna a widow before she  reached her 25th birthday.   Wow...  life was hard  for young families in 1832! 

Anna lived to be  in her 60's, a good age for ladies of her time.  She buried her husband  and two of her children, but her son William  grew up to become a fine man whose obituary noted,  "his home was a stopping place for Methodist ministers, where they always received a royal welcome and were bountifully cared for."  The McEwen  family of Richmond, PA owe their existence to Anna!

Please read more about the steadfast life of Grandmother Anna Houck McEwen at  my web page, Dedication To the Memory of ANNA MCEWEN

Thank you Grandmother Anna!

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