Friday, August 10, 2012

C is for Clara

     My great grandmother, Clara Matilda Illick was 19 years old when she  married Henry McEwen, son of William and Sarah Rasley McEwen  of Richmond,  Pennsylvania on December 25, 1878; a Christmas gift they celebrated for the next  64 years!   The newly weds  made their home  with Henry's parents,  adding an addition onto the farmhouse  that had been the home of Henry's  grandparents, Henry and Jane Ayers Rasley.

     Clara  waited three years for the birth of a child, a boy who  only lived a few weeks.  It would be another 13 years before William Homer, my grandfather,  was born on October 10, 1895.     She was 36 years old when she finally became a mother!  Homer's  birth must have been a joyous occasion indeed for this extended family!


     Clara, born September 15, 1859, grew up in a large family of ten children being the eighth child  of  Samuel and Henrietta Kressler Illick.   She was a devout Methodist, played  the piano and like all the ladies of her time, did piece work quilting.   I remember  the old quilts, well used  and showing their wear,  that  we took to the shore every summer.  In her day quilts were made from  scrapes to be used until they were no more.  And that is just what her family did!

Clara and Henry  on the front porch of the farmhouse with  their son Homer and family.
     Thank you Mom for giving me the ring Great Grandmother Clara is wearing in the picture   above with baby Homer.  I have always loved it.   You may like to read the story about how  Clara  changed her given name and more on  my web page, Henry and Clara McEwen of Richmond, Pennsylvania.

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