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Deabold Schott (1735 - 1799)

The Smith family has a rich heritage of ancestors descended from men who provided service  to the United States of America so that we may enjoy the freedoms of liberty.  In this entry I will provide some links to show several of our connections back to Deabold Schott.  About 1760 Deabold  Schott married Christina Elisabetha Ries. They became the parents of 11 children whose names are provided in the DAR papers. They were: Lorentz Feb 13, 1761;  Maria Margaretha 7/17 1763;  Gertrude 3/3/1765;  Christina 1/3/1767 who married Leonard Knecht the son of Hans Leonard Knecht;  Dewald (Theobald) 1769; John Jacob 7/25/1770; Margaretha 7/3/1772;  Catharina 7/21/1774; Elizabetha 11/28/1776 and  Anna Maria 12/4/1777.

The inscriptions on the tombstones of Deabold and Christina in the  Salem Union Church Cemetery, Moorestown, Pennsylvania provides important information for both.  He was born on September 28, 1735 and died November 14, 1799.   Christina Riesen Schott was born June 24, 1737 and lived to the age of 69 when she died on November 22, 1806.    Her stone is difficult to read, but the inscription in part says, "lived in marriage with Theobald Schott for 39 years and conceived 4 sons and  7 daughters".   The "en" attached to Ries tells us that she was a daughter of a man named Ries.

A flag and medal at his grave commemorates military service, but it is not always easy to prove that an ancestor  provided service during the Revolutionary War.  For one thing any documents that remain showing a record of service have been transcribed from the original records.  Have you ever tried to read something written in  a 250 year old script?  The handwriting, while in some cases is beautiful and flowing, in many it is just downright near impossible to decipher.  But the transcriber did the best they could when they read the records to write the names in modern English. And for the amateur genealogist such as me, the best sources are these transcribed records, many of which can be now found on line.

Deabold lived in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania  prior to and after the Revolutionary War.  Even though there is a Dewalt Schudt who arrived here on the ship Ranier in 1749, our Deabold would have  only been 14 years old in 1749, so most likely this is his father.  A record from Macungie township shows that  Dewalt Shut or Shutt (both spelling used in this) applied for 50 acres adjoining Joseph Walbretght, Christian Curr and Caspar Wistar in 1758. By this time he would have been about 23 years old and ready to start out on his own.  On May 25, 1758, Dewalt Shut  applied for  25 acres including improvements made about a year ago adjoining lands of Joseph Albright in Macungie township.  

Deabold's  name appears in a general muster roll of the 2nd Battalion of the Northampton County Pennsylvania Militia, May 14, 1778.  (Pennsylvania Archives, Series 5, Volume 8, page 106) The troops were commanded by  Colonel George Breinig, Lieut. Colonel Stephen Balliet, and 2nd Company Captain George Knappenberger.  Dewauld Shoutt was in the 6th class. The Daughters of the American Revolution  provides us with a record of his service in the Revolutionary War.  He is Ancestor #:  A101118.  The DAR record cites his service listed in the Pennsylvania Archives, Series 5, Volume 8, page 106.  the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Company, Northampton Co. under Captain Johan George Knappenberger.  Another Smith ancestor,  George Graver was also part of this company.

A later service record shows that he provided a substitute, Lorance Shott, in his stead  (PA Archives, Series 5, Volume 8, page 47 and 60).  The 1st Battalion of the Northampton Co. Militia was  commanded by Lieut. Colonel Stephen Balliet and Captain Casper Griemimyer in the 7th Company. Theobald Shoth (also shown as Devalt Shot)  was in the 6th class for which his son, Lawrence served in his place. 

Deabold and Christina had a daughter Christina who married Leonard Knecht who was the son of Hans Leonard Knecht.    Christina Schott and  Leonard Knecht had a daughter named Salome who married George Kunkle, a grandson of John George Kunkle.  Their son  Charles Kunkle was the grandfather of Estella Kunkle who was the great grandmother of Ronald Smith, my husband. 

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Family records of Cynthia Hughes Smith

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