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Index to my Rootsweb pages

    Cynthia H. Smith - My Rootsweb pages
I needed to migrate some of my early family history pages over to the blog to protect them from getting lost in the future. 👀 These pages were first published on Geocities in the early days of the internet when an amateur genealogist like me could learn a little about HTML and publish on the internet.  But all good things come to an end  and Geocities went belly up. I quickly moved everything over to  Rootsweb, a free service I started using in sometime around 2006.  That was good,  because Rootsweb offered a file manager and a WYSIWYG publishing format.  While Rootsweb is still free they no longer offer the ability to edit and publish.  In the meantime I started the blog where I have enjoyed the privilege of being able to publish my family history in a format that is easy for me to maintain.  Therefore this page  is an index of sorts which takes you to the Rootsweb page.  Several of these pages have been redone on this Blog.

To learn more about who I am see, Cynthia's Family Lines.
I have dedicated all of my genealogy work to my Great great great grandmother, Anna Houck McEwen. Please read my Dedication page.
The Photo Gallery contains family pictures from several branches and many generations.
Part of my interest in local history includes working at the Slate Belt Historical Museum located in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.
I am a member of the cemetery board of the Old Union Cemetery in Stone Church, Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.
Read a list of the burials in the Old Union Cemetery of Stone Church, Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.

Smith Family Pages
Smith Family Descendants list.
Smith Family File Family regester report .
Charles Kunkle family lines.

Hughes Family Pages
A photo history of the Hughes family of Tioga Pennsylvania.
Thomas Hughes circa 1742 - 1809
More about Jeptha Hughes, son of Thomas, pioneer to Tioga Co. PA.
More about Frederick Hughes, son of Jeptha.
Thomas Hughes Descendants from 1750's to 1900.
For a complete Ahnentafel of the ancestors of the Richard and Zilpha Estep HUGHES.

Estep Family Pages
Estep Family Story, James and Elizabeth Pritchard Estep family came to America in 1858.
The Welsh history of the family of James Estep.
LIST of Descendants of James and Elizabeth Pritchard Estep.
The family tree of Zilpha Estep HUGHES, an Ahnentafel report of the anscestors of her mother Helen Scott .

McEwen Family Pages
The ancestors of the Homer & Eliza McEwen, an Ahnentafel report.
More about William McEwen I
More about John McEwen
More about William McEwen
More about Henry McEwen , the son of William and the father of Homer.
A picture history of the  McEwen Familyof Richmond Pennsylvania.
The Heffner family pages, the ancestors of Eliza Long McEwen.
The John Houck page, his daughter Anna married John McEwen.
The Paulus Brodt page, his daughter Susanna married Christopher Illick.

Good Family Pages
Henry ( Heinrich Guth) Good (1764-1829) & Catherine Barbara Schick (1761-1839), Good Family Descendants list of Northampton Co. Pennsylvania.
More about Heinrich Guth and brother George.
More about John Good, Sr., son of Heinrich.
More about John Good, Jr., son of John, Sr and the father of Henry.

Miller Family Pages
The Descendants of Bernhart Mullar (Miller) (1722-1792) & Maria Eva Muller (1724-1802) of Northampton Co. PA.
Bernhart Miller Ahnentafel Report , the ancestors of Bernhert and Maria Eva Miller.
Miller Family Register, the First and Second generations of the descendants of Bernhert and Maria Eva Miller.
The Third Generation of the descendants of Bernhart Miller.
The Fourth Generation of the descendants of Bernhart Miller.
The Fifth Generation of the descendants of Bernhart Miller.

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