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Bernhart and Maria Eva Miller of Northampton Co. Pa.; their children and grandchildren, circa 1722- 1850

The sons and daughters of Bernhart Miller  and his wife Maria Eva were among the first settlers to move into the area north of Easton known as Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania.  Many German people had arrived in Pennsylvania at the invitation of William Penn to settle the land and find a place where they could practice their religion in the 1700's.  They belonged to a group of people known as the Palatines. These immigrants were from the region of Germany along the Rhine and had been persecuted because of their religious beliefs, many of whom were either Lutheran or Reformed.

Bernhart's parents were Johann Mueller and Maria Eva Kost.   Two years before coming to America he married 23 year old Maria Eva Muller on June 9, 1747, a daughter of Johann George Muller and Anna Susanna Unangst.  Bernhart was 27 years old when he and Maria Eva sailed for the new world arriving in Philadelphia, PA  on the ship Patience on September 19, 1749. He died at age 70 in 1792 in Williams Township, Northampton Co. Pennsylvania.  Maria Eva Muller died June 21, 1802 at the age of 78 years in Forks Township, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania. 

The first three generations of the descendants of Bernhart  and Maria Eva Miller presented here  is in no way complete.  But the hard stuff has been done for you.  After the third generation people ought to be able to connect the dots with their own research. While all efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of this information, please be sure to verify all data yourself.

 First Generation

1. Bernhart Mullar (Miller).
  He was  born 12-13-1722 in Boedigheim, Mosbach, Baden Germany and died in Williams township in 1792.  An abstract of his will filed at Northampton Co. PA  courthouse as follows: #472 MILLER, Bernhard of Williams township, yeoman. 4-12-1792  - 12-1-1793. wife: Eva, son: Henry,  son: Jacob,  son: Frederick,  daughter: Barbara, wife of Paul Brod now deceased, 3 children; Henry Valentine, John Jacob, and Frederick and now the wife of William Gruver,   daughter: Elizabeth, wife of Jno Odenwelder,  daughter: Eve, wife of Balzer Eckert,  Executor:  son Henry and son in law John Odenwelder,  Witness:   Benedict Lutz and Anthony Lerch.
They had the following children:
    2    i.     Maria Barbara (1747-1825)
    3    ii.    George Henry (1751-1827)
          iii.   Bernard. Born in 1752. Bernard died in the Battle of Long Island during the Revolutionary War on 27 Aug 1776; he was 24.
    4    iv.   Valentine (1754-1834)
    5    v.     Elizabeth  Margreth (1756-1851)
    6    vi.    John (1759-1846)
    7    vii.   Jacob (1761-1825)
    8    viii.  Eve (1764-1849)
    9    ix.    Frederick (1767-1830)

Second Generation

2. Maria Barbara Miller. Born on 19 Jun 1747 in Boedigheim, Mosbach, Baden, Germany. She  died in Forks township, Northampton Co PA, on 20 Mar 1825.
Maria Barbara first married Paulus Brodt who was born on 19 Sept 1733 in Lixhelm, Lorraine, France. He died in 1782 at the age of 48.
They had the following children:
            i.     Mary. Born in 1767. Mary died on 12 Aug 1793.
    10    ii.    Barnet (1767-1861)
            iii.   Frederick. Born on 3 Mar 1769. Frederick died on 6 Feb 1852.
            iv.    Conrad. Born in 1770. Conrad died in 1822.
            v.     Margaret. Born on 2 May 1772. Margaret died on 24 Aug 1852.
    11    vi.    Michael (1773-1854)
    12    vii.   Catherine (1775-1856)
            viii.  Anna Rosina. Born on 1 Jun 1778.
            ix.    Jacob. Born on 3 May 1780.
    13    x.     Susanna (1782-1868)

Maria Barbara second married William Gruver who was born in 1733 and died in 1841.
They had the following children:
    14    i.     Johannes Gruber (1784-1862)
    15    ii.    Daniel Gruber (1786-1845)
            iii.   Elizabeth. Born on 26 Aug 1787. Elizabeth died on 2 Sept. 1850.  She married Johan Nicholas Reimer, son of Isaac Reimer & Margarete Krotzer. He was born on  4 Dec 1775 and died on 5 Jun 1850.
            iv.    William. Born in 1790. William died in 1841. William married Catherine Miller.
            v.     Maria Barbara. Born on 11 Mar 1791and died on 1 Jul 1853. She married John Nicholas.

3. George Henry Miller. Born on 8 Jan 1751 and died on 7 Apr 1827.  He married Rosina Knecht who was born on 19 Jan 1751 and died on 12 May 1811.
They had the following children:
            i.       Elizabeth. Born on 24 Sept 1775 in Williams twp., Northampton Co., and died before 1790.
            ii.       Johann Jacob. Born on 4 May 1778 in Williams twp., Northampton Co., PA and died in Williams twp., Northampton Co., PA, on 24 Jan 1859.  He married Elizabeth who was born on 10 Feb 1791 died in Williams twp., Northampton Co., PA, on 25 Mar 1863.
            iii.     Johannes. Born on 2 Apr 1780 and died on 14 Jan 1828.  On 20 Nov 1803 when he was 23, he married Sarah Riehl in German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Easton, Pennsylvania. She was born in 1782 and  died about 1830.
            iv.      Peter. Born on 9 Apr 1782. Peter died on 22 Apr 1782.
            v.       Susanna. Born on 25 Mar 1784.
            vi.      Henry. Born in 1785.
    16    vii.     Frederick (1787-1862)
    17    viii.    John George (1790-)
    18    ix.      Jacob (1792-)
    19    x.       Elizabeth (1794-1872)
            xi.      Maria Magdalena. Born on 8 May 1796. She  married Isaac Richards. Born in 1797.

4. Valentine Miller. Born on 22 Oct 1754 in Williams Twp, Northampton Co, PA. and  died in Mt. Bethel,  Northampton Co. PA, on 19 Apr 1834. Buried in Old Union Cemetery , Stone Church, Upper Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co., PA.  In 1778 when Valentine was 23, he married Susanna Laubach, daughter of Johann Georg Laubach & Margaretha. She was born on 27 Nov 1756 in Tohickon Union Church, Bedminster twp., Bucks Co. PA and died in Mt. Bethel,  Northampton Co. PA, on 5 Jan 1837.
They had the following children:
    20    i.        John George (1779-1860)
            ii.       John Michael. Born on 6 Feb 1782 in Williams Twp, Northampton Co, PA. John Michael died on 8 Nov 1869.   He married Susanna Phillips who was born on 23 Jan 1787 and  died 23 Mar 1858.  She is buried in Miller's Cemetery, Washington Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
    21    iii.       Elizabeth (1784-1861)
    22    iv.       Anna Margaret (1786-1817)
    23    v.        John Bernard (1787-1878)
    24    vi.      Joseph (1789-)
    25    vii.     Catherine (1792-)
            viii.    Eve. Born on 18 Dec 1796 in Northampton Co PA. Eve died on 15 Jan 1882. She married John Reeser who was born on 21 Mar 1799and  died 5 Nov 1874.  They are  buried in Centerville Cemetery, Stone Church, Upper Mt. Bethel Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
    26    ix.      John Valentine (1798-1882)
    27    x.       Susanna (1800-1845)

5. Elizabeth  Margreth Miller. Born on 28 Feb 1756 and  died on 11 Jan 1851.  She married John Odenwelder who was  born on 8 Feb 1756 and  died on 12 Mar 1842.
They had the following children:
            i.        Johan. Born on 11 Jun 1777.
            ii.       Phillip. Born on 30 Sept 1779.
            iii.      Bernhard. Born on 23 Jan 1782.
            iv.      Catherine. Born on 27 Oct 1783.
            v.       Michael. Born on 5 May 1786.
            vi.      Jacob. Born on 12 Aug 1790.
            vii.     Elizabeth. Born on 10 Oct 1791.
            viii.    Susanna. Born on 13 Jan 1794.

6. John Miller. Born on 1 Apr 1759 and died on 30 May 1846. Buried in Stone Church, Northampton Co PA.  He married Elizabeth Schmidt, daughter of John Schmidt & Catherine Odenwelder. Elizabeth was born on 14 Mar 1767 and died 21 Aug 1855. They are buried in Stone Church, Northampton Co PA.
They had the following children:
    28    i.     John Jr. (1787-1853)
            ii.    Maria. Born on 20 Nov 1788 and died on 7 Feb 1850.  She married Phillip Schoch.
            iii.    Barnet. Born on 11 Feb 1791and died on 26 Nov 1855. He married Catherine.
    29    iv.    Jacob (1794-1866)
    30    v.     Catherine (1795-)
    31    vi.    Frederick (1797-1872)
    32    vii.   Elizabeth (1798-)
            viii.  Eva. Born on 22 Jul 1800.
    33    ix.    Michael (1810-1870)
    34    x.     Jonas (1802-1870)
            xi.    Henry. Born on 26 Jul 1804.
            xii.   John Phillip. Born on 19 Apr 1806.
    35    xiii.  David (1808-1895)

7. Jacob Miller. Born on 8 Mar 1761 in Northampton Co. PA and died on 25 Jun 1825. He married Catherine who was  born on 23 Feb 1767and died on 27 Oct 1845.
They had the following children:
            i.       Bernard. Born on 9 May 1792. Bernard died bef  Oct 1793; he was 1.
            ii.      Catherine. Born on 2 Oct 1792.
    36    iii.     Bernard (1793-1869)
            iv.     Elizabeth. Born on 8 Dec 1794.
            v.      Susanna. Born on 13 Sep 1798.
            vi.     Eva. Born on 26 Oct 1800.
            vii.    Joseph. Born in 1807.
            viii.   Anna Magdalene. Born on 3 Sep 1808.
            ix.    Jonas. Born in 1810.
    37    x.     Frederick (1811-)

8. Eve Miller. Born on 11 Nov 1764 and died on 25 Feb 1849. She married Baltzer Eckert who was  born in 1761. Baltzer died in the  Northampton Co. Poorhouse in 1856.
They had the following children:
           i.      Anna Catrina. Born on 9 Jun 1788.
           ii.     Elizabeth. Born on 23 Aug 1792.
           iii.    Anna Maria. Born on 28 May 1794.

9. Frederick Miller. Born on 17 Mar 1767 in Northampton Co PA. and died in Northampton Co PA, on 10 Apr 1830. Frederick married Christina Emery who was  born on 16 Nov 1772 and died on 25 May 1852.
They had the following children:
           i.      John Frederick. Born on 30 Jan 1793.
           ii.     Jacob. Born on 2 Apr 1797. Jacob died on 8 Jan 1804; he was 6.
           iii.    Bernard. Born on 9 Jan 1799.
           iv.    Elizabeth. Born on 14 Feb 1800.  She married George Kiefer, son of John Kiefer & Catherine.
    38    v.    Peter (1802-)
    39    vi.   Michael (1805-1889)
            vii.  Anna. Born on 6 Jan 1807.  Anna married Jacob Boyer.
            viii. Eve. Born on 31 Mar 1809. She married John Kiefer, son of John Kiefer & Catherine who was  born on 19 Jul 1801.
            ix.   Phillip. Born on 22 Aug 1811.
            x.    Christina. Born on 9 Jul 1814.
            xi.   Polly (Maria). Born on 14 Jul 1817

It is my hope that by making this research available to others via this Blog, Who's Your Grammie, further documentation of the Miller family in the Mount Bethel's of Northampton Co. PA will be possible.

The work here is a composition of efforts made by many researchers, whom I thank for their generosity in sharing their work with me, especially a distant cousin, David Miller, who did most of the research work the hard way. David did not use a computer for his research and would send me long typed out lists which I retyped into html code to create the original Miller Family Register  which I have online at:  Those were the days!  David  passed away on  July 12, 2010  and I am truly grateful to him for sharing his work with me.

Please see the  third generation of the  descendants of Bernhart  and Maria Eva Miller. This page is an earlier work compiled  by David Miller that was put online some time ago.  Additional documentation, notes and references to this material may be available if you are interested. Any additions or corrections you may have are most welcome. 

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  1. Thank you for your work. I have Bernhardt Miller in my line through the Odenwelder line. I am out here in California and a friend of over 30 years mentioned he was from Easton. In looking at his ancestry he is also from the Miller line through the Gruvers. Genealogy connections are always fun!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to send a note. Nice to know you and your friend share ancestry. Cousin connections are a lot of fun. Bernhart Miller and his wife Maria Eva must have a gazillion descendents by now! I always enjoy meeting them through this work!